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Golden Tate Feels 'Bad' For Daniel Jones Because He's Dealt With Injuries, Rebuilds And Most Of All That Bum Jason Garrett

[Source] - “I honestly feel bad for Daniel,” Tate told Andy Vasquez of NJ Advance Media on Wednesday. “He was drafted into a rebuilding organization for one, had Pat Shurmur for a year and then got Joe Judge for two years, now another head coach and another rebuild going into his fourth season. He hasn’t had Saquon [Barkley], myself, [Kenny] Golladay, Sterling [Shepard]. No one is ever on the field at the same time. And then on top of that, he had [Jason] Garrett [as his offensive coordinator] and that probably didn’t help much.

“So you kind of feel bad for him because a ton of talent. He has a lot of talent, but he just hasn’t had much help due to injuries and how they set it up.”

I mean this is the most accurate statement of Daniel Jones and all of football I've seen. 'On top of that' is basically Golden Tate just huffing and being like yeah this asshat Jason Garrett. At least that's how I say it. That's how every Giants fan says it. It's true. Hiring Jason Garrett was one of the dumbest things the Giants have done and we've done a lot of dumb shit recently. 

And don't even get me started on Pat Shurmur. 

Or drafting Saquon No. 2 overall when you need to rebuild. Fucking idiot pick. 

I'll keep saying it. I didn't like drafting Daniel Jones - in fact I hated it. But he's *currently* our guy and I want to be proven wrong. He hasn't had everyone healthy. He's barely had an offensive line. At the same time he makes a ton of dumbass mistakes both with his turnovers and just falling down while running. That's why this year is so important. He needs to show some sort of growth. The weapons *should* be there this year. 

Oh and Golden Tate saying 'that probably didn't help much' is laugh out loud funny. Ya think man? This guy didn't help much? 

Yeah I'm going to venture to say this guy didn't help one bit. Just clapping on the sidelines and making dumb decisions. Still can't believe we hired him. 

All I know is this. Daniel Jones better show up this year otherwise the rightful starter is coming back.