Mike Clevinger Was NOT Happy With Diamondback's Announcer Bob Brenly Making Fun Of His Delivery And Invited Brenly Down Into The Padres Clubhouse

We all know Mike Clevinger has a funky windup, I personally like it. It's long, quirky, but it's his thing. It either helps with his rhythm, timing, gets him focused or something along those lines but the bottom line is it works for him. That's all that matters. It seems like some of the "get off my lawn" guys aren't fans. Enter Diamondbacks announcer and former World Series winning manager, Bob Brenly. In the video Brenly pokes fun at Clev's windup calling it a "polka dance" and just keeps going on and on about it. They talk about how with the pitch timer that can't happen because he'll run out of time and all that. Who cares? He's not on their team, why do they give a shit? If anything when the pitch timer comes it will HELP the Diamondbacks because the windup takes so long and it'll be a ball. So they had their fun in the booth, made some jokes, had some laughs, and then watched Clev polka dance his way to 6 innings of 1 hit ball with 6 Ks and a walk vs the Diamondbacks. That outing also improved him to 2-0 with a 2.79 ERA. I think he can do whatever he wants with his windup if he has those stats. 

It's not easy to upset Clev, he's a very laid back individual but Brenly's comments during the game made their way down to the clubhouse and that is where Clevinger invited him to. I'm with him too, he's made a ton of comments over the years making fun and insulting the Padres but he isn't in that clubhouse. He doesn't know those guys, so for him to constantly make fun of them and call them out on the air is childish, it's a joke. Clev invited him down into their clubhouse to show them who they are, probably wouldn't be making comments to anyone's face down there.

And I mentioned Brenly has had no issues making fun of Padres players in the past, he got in trouble for making a comment about Marcus Stroman's durag last year, he's made fun of Fernando Tatis Jr. and called for the Diamondbacks to hit Manny Machado back in 2020, this guy just seems like an asshole. He's a dinosaur who doesn't like the new crop of talent. 


Here's the clip of him making fun of Tatis Jr.'s necklace saying he could run easier without a bike chain around his neck. Again he sounds like an out of touch asshole who hates anyone who shows or plays with emotion and isn't on his team. He's a clown. He should take up Clev's offer, but he won't. He's a coward and a child.