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Andrew Bogut Pisses A Bunch Of People Off On Twitter By Comparing Kendall Jenner To An NBA Draft Prospect, Doubles Down In His 'Apology'

Funny is funny. That's all I can say about this. Andrew Bogut coming out of nowhere to make jokes about Kendall Jenner and the NBA sounds like a madlib. Even funnier when this report was out there: 

Bold move by Andrew Bogut going after the Jenner/Kardashian clan, which naturally led to people being pissed off. Just look at the mentions. Here are some of the best highlights: 

'Be better.' A classic dogshit response. It's one of my least favorite things out there but a guarantee you'll see in any response. Again, funny is funny man. This is Bogut's best work. 

Delete this tweet sir! 

It's a joke. 

I will never slender anyone. 

Bogut and Kendall Jenner together would be a hilarious power couple. 

You get the point seeing these tweets. So naturally what does Andrew Bogut do? Double down: 

That's perfect. That's how you handle people yelling at you over a joke. Make another joke and stay within the same category. I never thought I'd see Andrew Bogut out here cracking jokes about Kendall Jenner, but that's why Twitter was invented. That and for Woj/Shams tweets today. I'd love if Twitter got back to this. Just firing off funny jokes. 

Oh and how did Kendall respond? 

I actually don't know if that was her official response but in my book it was. So shout out Andrew Bogut. People forget how damn good he was at Utah.