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Knicks Legend* Eddy Curry Sums Up The Fanbase Perfectly - We Will Hate You And We Don't Play That Shit

I had to use legend for a different reason here. Eddy Curry is a Knicks legend for the simple fact that we all use him for the old shitty signings the Knicks used to do. We can go down the line whether it was him, Jerome James, Andrea Bargnani or just keep on listing the names. Times are a different now though. We sign good players damnit! 

But Curry is right. We will fucking hate you. That's part of being a fan, even if it's more than other fanbases. It's something we thrive on as Knicks fan because we know misery. There might not be a more miserable fanbase than us. We get hurt every single year. Either we're good and OJ steals our spotlight and causes us to lose the NBA Finals. Or we suck. There's rarely something in the middle. 

That leads to today. Because of this past everything with the Knicks is damned if you do, damned if you don't. If we land Brunson it's a bad contract. If we miss out on Brunson it's same old Knicks. If we land Ayton it's a dumb move for a big man. If Ayton goes somewhere else it's why didn't the Knicks make a run. I get it, because this is our history. This is how we end up being talked about like Eddy Curry says. 

So Eddy Curry is right. There's nowhere like playing for the Knicks. Just ask Julius Randle.