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Wake Up With The Lighting Of The Beacons Of Gondor

Mrs. Carl has been out of town last couple days which you guys probably think means I'm just pounding on myself but not true. I've been doing an extended LOTR marathon late each night and it's been magnificent. Easily top-5 part across the entire trilogy is the lighting of the beacons of Gondor. Pippin atoning for his mistake even though it wasn't really a mistake because he didn't reveal Frodo's quest while simultaneously obtaining info about enemy movements. But that's a different blog. For now I just want to recognize that this is an awesome scene and it gets me fired up. Been awhile since I've seen a Wake Up Blog on here anyways so let's run it back, metrics be damned. 

Carl we need to talk about your blogs

Anyways you can also wake up with Starting 9 which also conveniently came out just now at 7am Central Standard (God's time zone). We talk childhood baseball movies amongst many other things 


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