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Jim Harbaugh Is A Shirt In The Pool Guy

Seeing a football coach on vacation just makes me laugh because the way they dress just in case a football game starts out of nowhere they will be ready with a whistle to coach. I also love that he has Michigan gear on his body at all times. No matter what were going to a fance dinner this man is having Michigan gear on. 

I am not sure if I am disappointed or impressed that he is a shirt in the pool guy because he has to always make sure people know that he is the football coach at Michigan. I always wondered about shirt in the pool people because if you have ever been pushed into the pool it feels horrible having a shirt that is soaking wet. I understand people don't want them with their shirt off put with a shirt on people still get the gist. I wanted to see if he did anything else on this vacation besides looking like a coach. 

You can tell in Jims body language he is like I make too much money to be doing this shit right now. He has the hood up under the helmet to stay away from the sun which is a pro football guy move. Also in this video I can completely understand why he is walking so far behind. 

This is a man who goes through hours and hours of film and recruiting and he is just gathering his thoughts of how he doesn't want to climb a mountain with his family. I think it's just funny to think about coaches as Dads because they still live a very normal life like every other dad on vacation just being dragged around on excursions meanwhile he just wants to sit by the pool and drink a beer. Still a little disappointed in the shirt in the pool move.