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Report: Freddie Freeman’s Agent Never Told Him About the Braves’ Final Offer and He Found Out About It in Atlanta Last Weekend

If this is true, holy shit.

Honestly, it explains every part of the story. Why both parties were so obviously upset at how everything went down. The timing of Freddie firing his agent. It all makes sense.

This situation is just sad. Freddie wanted to stay in Atlanta and the Braves wanted to keep him, but one agent sabotaged the whole thing. As fireable offenses go, this is up there. And for Freddie to find out during his already emotional return to Atlanta is just extra cruel. The tears throughout the weekend are a bit more explainable now.

So now Freddie is on a team he doesn’t want to be on for the next six years because he had an asshole for an agent. This has all played out about as poorly as anyone could have ever imagined. I’m just sad for him, man.

At least we have somebody to blame now. Hopefully neither side holds any resentment towards the other and Freddie can come back in 2028 and finish his career as a Brave.