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Former Minnesota Player Blasting PJ Fleck All Over Twitter

In the age of social media, we now see a situation where players have bigger voices. This is good and bad, this is a situation where things can get ugly. 

A former Minnesota player who transferred to the North Carolina State Wolfpack has started to talk a ton of shit of PJ Fleck's Minnesota program.

Fleck, who has had more success at Minnesota in recent history "apparently" threatened to pull Val Martin's scholarship if he retaliated.

Val was very mad about the whole sequence of being punched at not being allowed to punch back.

Val Martin then may have gone to the other player's apartment who punched him and gotten hit with a softball in a sock.

Val then asked other former players to reach out and tell their stories. 

Val kept talking badly about Fleck.

Seems like a messy situation all around. Val Martin has his highlights pinned to his profile. 

If not letting players hit each other is the mark of a bad program then PJ Fleck by that standard is running a bad program. 

But from the production of Minnesota and the success of that program indicates anything they are on the right track. This seems like a Val Martin problem more than a PJ Fleck problem.