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2 Chainz And His Son Are The Most Insightful People On The Planet

I watched this clip so many times because you are completely lying if you aren't interested in space. Like I am pretty sure that we just have people working in space all the time and its like the ocean you don't know what the rules are up there. I want to start with 2 chainz kid, this kid is going to be the coolest person on the planet. I wanted to hear what more he learned about space and I also agreed with 2 chainz I feel like we have fast rockets and shit that should be able to get to the moon faster than 3 days. When you think about rockets you think abut that they are faster than the speed of sound and people would hear some sound on the moon faster than 3 days. Thunderstorms would be weird as shit on the moon then if it was able to rain. I also know if we were able to build a road straight up to the moon it would only take 45 minutes without traffic. I do feel like traffic would be pretty bad to go and see the moon but if you catch it on a rainy day could be a cool attraction. There are so many more clips of these two and it makes you realize this 6 year old kid is learning way more than what we did when we were 6out  but the pure shock on 2chainz face and just him saying how proud he is. I now just want to talk to both of them about space because they would agree movies make aliens seem so crazy and its always been right in front of our eyes that Aliens are real. That will be another blog at another date.