Howard Stern Accidentally Reveals He's Been Cast In A 'Doctor Doom' Project From Marvel While On A Hot Mic

Very interesting development from the Howard Stern Show this morning - it appears Howard was caught on a hot mic telling Robin that he has agreed to be in a 'Doctor Doom' project that Kevin Feige/Marvel Studios is working on! He tells Robin he's absolutely dreading the schedule, and called Robert Downey Jr for some advice recently, and then asks for Jon Favreau's number.

Here's the full transcript, courtesy of Twitter user @bringbackjackie....

Gary: "Ok, Kevin Feigeman from the office called and wants to know if that schedule works for you." 

Robin: "Kevin Feigeman, I've never heard that name before." 

Will(?): "I think he means Kevin..."

Stern: "Kevin Feige, Gary. Tell him it works but they're going over the schedule with me and it's gonna suck."   

Robin to Stern: "Are you working this summer?" 

Stern: "Well, I'm gonna do 'Doctor Doom' - but believe me I'm fucking miserable about it." 


Stern: "Cause I'm an asshole. That's what I did on America's Got Talent." 

Robin: "Are you excited about it?" 

Stern: "Yeah, I called Robert Downey....I was asking him acting technique." 

Robin: "Really?" 

Stern: "Gary, do you have the number for Jon Favreau?" 

Gary: "I do. I have his cell phone." 

BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT: if this is real, I don't think Howard Stern is playing Doctor Victor Von Doom in the MCU. I would go as far as saying there's a 0% chance that's who he is slated to play. Victor Von Doom is WAAAAY too important of a role to cast anyone but an amazing, seasoned actor in (and I think they'll also skew a bit younger for Doom). I mean, let's be honest - he could rise the ranks and become the next Thanos-level threat after Kang's era is over and done with. Hell, maybe Doom will even team up with Kang!

I think it's much more likely Stern will play himself, or a character who hosts a fictional radio show on Earth-616, and interview one of our heroes - or potentially Doom! It's been heavily rumored that Megan Thee Stallion will cameo in the upcoming 'She-Hulk' as herself, so maybe the intertwining of the real world and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something to look out for in future movies/shows.

I am now questioning whether or not this is real more than I was initially, because apparently Stern has pulled a similar stunt in the past by planting an article stating that he'd been cast as The Scarecrow in 'Batman 5' in 1999, according to this Reddit post....

….but just in listening to that clip, it really sounds genuine to me. Combine that with all of the rumors about a Doom project being in the works these past few weeks and I don't know - maybe I'm a sucker, but I think Stern really got caught spoiling something here.

I also wonder if this 'Doom' project will serve as the lead-in to the 'Fantastic Four' MCU movie or come after it, as well; sure sounds like they're farther along on 'Doom' than 'F4' from this leak, doesn't it? It may be interesting to see a villain's origin before they're featured in a movie against our heroes.