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Max Verstappen Hints That He May Finally Re-Appear In The Next Season Of Netflix's Drive To Survive

Push Push: Shoutout the Big Js in the F1 World - Big Cat and PFT! They got the inside scoop on a potential Max Verstappen return to the widely popular Netflix show, "Drive to Survive."

At roughly 45 seconds in the clip above, Max Verstappen states, "I think we (him + the Netflix producers) came to a good understanding for the future." This fires me the fuck up! I'm a Super Max fan through and through, so to have him back on the show would be a massive W for all parties involved.

Originally, Max and the producers got off on the wrong foot during Season 1. Max was a young stud on the Red Bull Racing team and Danny Ric was the beloved veteran. He's got a fantastic personality and is easily one of the most loved drivers throughout the entire F1 circuit. He has had several awesome podcast episodes with Pardon My Take in the past.

Formula 1 has one uniquely different feature compared to traditional sports: Teammates are rivals. In F1, you can truly only be measured against one person: your teammate. That's because each team has a unique set of cars. Certain teams have dominant cars because of the amount of money they're able to invest, while others are competing for a Top 10 finish to score a few points. Since each team is vastly different, the only true measure of your performance can be seen by comparing two drivers on the same team. If one driver is consistently quicker, you can determine which driver is better. It's fairly simple when you think about it in those terms.

However, it puts a unique strain on teams when their two drivers are also competing against each other. You always want to be faster than your teammate. So, in some scenarios that can lead to utter chaos causing teammates to race too hard against each other and crash.

Here are the Top 10 teammate crashes in Formula 1 history:

Obviously, this is the worst case scenario for the team. Both drivers crash, the team scores zero points for the race and the driver relationship is clearly in turmoil.

One of these infamous moments happened between Max Verstappen and Danny Ricciardo during Season 1 of Drive to Survive:

If you've ever turned on the Netflix show, you know that Danny Ric is the star of Season 1. His bubbly, Australian personality makes him easy to root for. After pinning Danny as the "poster child" for Formula 1, the producers used that reputation to shine negative light on Verstappen and making the rivalry seems much more dramatic than it ever was. For these reasons, Max never appeared in another Drive to Survive episode after Season 1 aired. 

Thanks to the Big Js at Pardon My Take, we finally learn that Max could be making his big return to the spotlight. I'm pumped!

Big Cat and PFT did a fantastic job during the Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen interview on today's Pardon My Take. If you're an F1 fan or looking to get more into the sport, it's great for all walks of fandom.

This weekend, Formula 1 is heading to Silverstone for the British GP! Max and Red Bull Racing are looking to extend their lead in the Driver's Championship. Should be a fun one!

As always: Push Push.

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