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Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Got Called An Asshole By A Random Guy While He Was Taking A Piss

Oh Mr. Wonderful! Kevin O'Leary was a guest on Logan Paul's podcast, 'Impaulsive.' On the pod, he told the guys a story about someone calling him an asshole to his face! Now this is hilarious to me because 99.9999993% of the time, nobody would ever say shit to someone' face. People love to hide beyond keyboards and they'll treat you very kindly to your face. Here, we have the exact opposite situation!

Mr. Wonderful is taking a piss when someone recognizes him. Once Kevin confirms his identity, the random guy yells at him, "You're an asshole!" THAT. TAKES. BALLS. Especially saying that to someone as fierce as Kevin O'Leary. If you've seen any of Kevin O'Leary's content outside of Shark Tank, you've probably recognized that he's a pretty cool dude. He had a great episode on Pardon My Take and overall he seems like a genuinely funny guy. 

However, when it comes to business, he's ruthless. And it's tough to argue his track record. He's one of the most influential and successful angel investors of our time. That's no coincidence, he's always looking for the best deal for himself and his team.

The best part of this entire video is at the end of clip. After the random calls Kevin O'Leary an asshole, he storms out of the bathroom and sees a woman waiting outside. He tells the lady, "You know that asshole Kevin O'Leary is in the washroom?" The lady responds, "Oh I know!" That lady ended up being Linda O'Leary, aka Kevin's wife! Can't make it up.

Shark Tank's one of my favorite shows of all time. Let's take a look at some of the best moments in the show's history: