These Losers On Costa Rica Couldn't Handle The USMNT U-20 Team Beating Them, Promptly Start A Brawl With Our Guys After The Match

Hey Costa Rica, bow down to your kings. The USMNT U-20 team did what it's supposed to do. Beat Costa Rica for a spot in the 2023 U-20 World Cup

2-0 baby. Both the score of beating Costa Rica and making World Cups. We're in a true golden era of US soccer. Every age group is winning. That's what matters. Shit we even have Brendan Aaronson's younger brother kicking ass.

But how about these Costa Rica bums? Can't handle celebrating? Don't let us win. Can't handle a loss? Don't play the USMNT. Simple as that. Get off the field because we're going to kick your ass and celebrate. That's what winners do. Trying to throw cheap shots. Disgusting. They are lucky our guys have enough class to sprint away from a fight, because we'd probably win that too. Lucky for Costa Rica our U-20 guys pride themselves on going to the World Cup instead of fighting. 

It's the old saying. Winners win, losers lose. Classic case here.