Chase Daniel Will Surpass $40 Million in Earnings This Season, Cementing One of the Greatest Careers of All-Time

I just want to take a second to clap it up for one of the greatest to ever do it in Chase Daniel. We've had the absolute pleasure of watching a legend without even knowing it.

Short of being a superstar-level player, which obviously brings with it fame and immense financial rewards, being a longtime backup quarterback is probably the best job in professional sports — and thus one of the best jobs in existence. Daniel will surpass $41 million in career earnings this year, having made five total starts and appearing in five or fewer games in nine of his 12 seasons. He's made more than $220,000 per completion.

And the majority of Daniel's job is going to meetings, tossing the ball around during practice and then hanging out on the sideline during NFL games. My co-worker/best friend for life Arian Foster made $38 million in his career and took Lord knows how many hits over eight years. Daniel has made more money coming in once or twice a season and throwing a couple passes. That's the dream.

I'd genuinely put this career up there with the all-time greats. Daniel will retire with generational wealth for just showing up. King shit.

(I wanted to put Chase Daniel Ultimate Highlights + Hype here but the NFL blocks any video from playing on Barstool Sports, which it has supposedly never heard of.)