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It's Good To Know That Even Hall-Of-Famer Scottie Pippen Will Rely On An ELITE Dad Move When Playing His Son 1-on-1

This blog will not stick with everyone. I understand. This is mostly for the fellow dads out there. That's right, we're talking some dad stuff after Father's Day. You see I'm a father of 1 son and another son due in roughly a month. My biggest fear is when this moment happens. The moment I have to pass the baton and can no longer compete with them, specifically in basketball. 

Every dad has gone through it. My father went through it and reacted basically the same as Scottie Pippen. The difference is my father isn't in the Hall of Fame. He's a regular suburban ass dad. Ever since I had my first son a few years ago I figured I'd react the same way as my old man. Realize the time has come and do a couple things:

1. Rely on still being bigger and back down from the high post like I'm Mark Jackson in the 1990s.

2. Throw an elbow a tad bit high just to send a warning. Nothing serious but let the kid know I'm invested in winning.

3. Come up with a million, if not a zillion injury excuses. Bad back, bad knees, hands hurt from blogging. Stuff like that.

4. Refuse to play standard 1-on-1 after losing multiple times in a row. 

The lesson here as always is it doesn't matter if you're one of the 75 best basketball players in the history of the sport or a blogger. You handle losing to your son the same way. Hilarious that Scotty put it out there though. The son always has some animosity when the old man refuses to acknowledge the change. Difference is he gets a viral moment in doing so. 

Along with that, this is the real fear when it comes to athletics