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OBJ Having A Painting Of OBJ Helping Up OBJ Is The Most OBJ Shit Ever

I’m not a hardcore OBJ hater. Sure, I think his hair styles are goofy as hell and he probably jerks off while looking into a mirror, but I think he is actually a better teammate than fans and media want to give him credit for. The negatives that come with OBJ usually stem from wanting to win and needing to live up to his fame, which is on us as much as it is him.

He is probably a decent enough guy but an elite receiver he is not. I mean the dude has one season of over 1050 yards in the last five years and is now 29. He’s an influencer trapped in a number two receivers body. So when I saw this painting OBJ has in his home of OBJ helping up OBJ I about crawled out of my skin from cringe.

This right here is easily the most OBJ shit I have ever seen. A purple-haired Rams OBJ helping the Browns version of himself off the ground. I mean who could have possibly saved OBJ but another newer, more improved OBJ. Give me a break.

I’m not denying that he had an average QB with a napoleon complex that couldn’t get him the ball in Cleveland. But give me a break with the OBJ redemption storyline. This is a guy that never squashed rumors he wanted out of town throughout his entire tenure in Cleveland. Then had his pops make fan 11 minute visual deposition to help grease the skids.

He visibly pouted during games and his natural state of body language was less former All-Pro and more “my mom made me play little league this summer.”

Once again, this is no defense of Baker. Mayfield blew a huge opportunity to help his own career by utilizing OBJ. But heading to one of the Super Bowl favorites and getting to step in for Robert Woods is hardly pulling yourself up off the ground. I mean I could catch a few TDs if Cooper Kupp was pulling double teams on every play.

They say art imitates life and this oil painting basically imitates OBJ giving himself sloppy toppy. Which I’m sure he’d love to do. Despite the bullshit storyline us Browns fans had shoved down our throat during the Super Bowl, OBJ was not done wrong in Cleveland. The organization did him a huge favor by renegotiating off the last two years of his deal so he could land softly in that Rams jersey.

But good for OBJ. He got his Super Bowl ring, his adoration from the NFL media, and remains relevant with kids on TikTok. I’m probably just defensive because it’s another case where the Browns are getting shit on. I guess that’s one thing him and the Browns have in common (allegedly).