VIDEO: Comprehending The Speed Of Bears

This is probably the greatest example of one of my favorite Bear facts. According to the Washington Post

Although grizzly bears look like lumbering giants, they can run faster than many horses -- 35 miles per hour -- over short distances.

Like that bear is running alongside a truck that easily goes 50 on a road. That Bear is MOVING. I will now show you all the bear videos that display how fast they are. I am so glad this video surfaced as an excuse to show you all these bear videos. 

Look at how fast that bear is going. Even though it doesn't catch and Elk on video that thing is moving. The way it moves is almost creepy and unsettling. It literally invokes primal fear watching it move across that grass, especially seeing the hump and shoulders propel it through the grass. 

In this one, you get to see a Grizzly catch an elk. Look at it move across the side of that hill and the strides it takes. 

If you want to see the speed up close check out this sighting in Yellowstone where these people were spared by the bear that preferred to go after the fast Elk as opposed to the slow tourists.

Though many are like, "Why didn't they get away when the bear was running around?". Well they were right in not running away making themselves look like a prey item and they are safer in a large group. You see they were sort of corraled in a walkway to geysers in Yellowstone.


This is just another great video of speed.

This is a bear charging directly toward a man and shrugging off a shotgun blast then keeping at him. Wild stuff.

Don’t fuck with bears. They are fast AF.