Only Fans Model Dubbed 'Britain's Most Hated Woman' Is Removing Her Breast Implants And Selling Them For £10,000

Carla Bellucci is a piece of work. As I just learned five minutes ago, in the past she admitted to faking depression and flirting with a GP to get a £7,000 nose job. When asked about the backlash she was about to receive she basically laughed it off and didn't care. She then went with the next natural step and started an Only Fans account. 

Well, now Bellucci is taking a page of Kim Kardashian's play book and headed to law school. Before that she's going to get her breast implants and removed and will them off. 

Carla Bellucci is having her double-D breast implants removed so she can flog them online. The procedure will take place in the next eight weeks and the busty model is confident of milking a healthy return.  She told Daily Star: “I will put them to good use because men like boobs and it’s a good thing to do.

“I had someone offer me £8,000 but I want to sell them for at least £10,000. I might as well rinse OnlyFans for everything I can before I quit." -source

I've got one question here — why would someone buy another woman's breast implants? I know people have really weird fetishes out there, but what are we gonna do with implants? Do you put them in a glass case and hang them on your mantel next to your kid's little league trophy? Just kidding, if you're buying these you either don't have kids or they were taken away in a custody battle from your ex-wife a long time ago. The same ex-wife who probably bought breast implants with the alimony you're giving her every month. Life really is just one big circle. 

Still don't understand in the slightest why we're shelling out 10k for boob implants for a relative nobody. That sentence kinda makes it seem like buying a big name celebrity's breast implants would be worth it. I would like to state to the world I don't find collecting breast implants a worthy hobby. 

God-willing if you're interested, here's an idea of what you're buying. 

There's also somehow another story out there about her upcoming wedding

A bride-to-be has declared she's charging her wedding guests £100 each to attend her upcoming ceremony - as she wants to try and " save money " on the event, which already has a budget of £40,000.

Carla Bellucci, 40, is set to tie the knot with her 52-year-old fiancé Giovanni but has said that her 30 guests won't be able to get into the venue for free on the day, as they'll all have to contribute £100 if they want to see her get married. (source)

“I love the fact I’ll have my dream wedding and other people will be paying for it. Once again I’m having the last laugh by getting what I want without having to shell out too much of my own money.”

Yeah so this woman actually is the woat. If you have the gall to throw a destination wedding you shouldn't even expect a gift. She wants a gift and to charge cover! I kinda respect how she fully leans into being the villain, but goodness is she diabolical.