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It's About Time Jokers Started Being Dealt Into Poker Tournaments


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Well I gotta say I've seen a lot at the poker table, both in person and through the power of the internet, but I've never seen a joker be dealt on the flop of a poker tournament. And in case you didn't catch it, to make matter worse, it was an all in preflop situation where one of the players had pocket 9s and a 9 came on the flop! If I'm him I'm FUMING, even though I know if the joker wasn't in the deck the flop would be completely different, I'd still be pissed.

But I think this raises a good question- have we been disrespecting jokers for too long? Maybe it's time we started mixing the 2 jokers into the deck and going nuts with it. I'd happily play a Joker's Wild holdem tournament. It would be pure chaos. Anarchy. Probably open up a wormhole and ruin the space-time continuum. I'm not sure how it would work if the Joker was wild, would that then give pocket 9s quad 9s? Or do you only get to use the Joker if you're also dealt a joker? That would be pretty cool, especially if you're all in and need a joker to hit the board to survive. I like that. 

I sure could have used a joker in my last couple of tournaments. I'm out here in Vegas playing the WSOP and I have cashed in 2 out of my 3 events so far which is pretty cool. Unfortunately I'm also running fairly terribly in important spots, losing QQ to KJ, AK to 33, KK to AK, 66 to AK, QQ to AK, and a few other dumb ones. Today is the $1500 Super Turbo bounty. It has very quick levels, but every player eliminated is a $500 bounty. That starts at 1pm PST, and if I collect a few bounties I'll play the $3k on Thursday. If not...I still might play it, tbd. 

And then the Main Event day 1A starts on July 3rd! I'm not sure what day I'm playing yet (there are 4 starting days) but I'm playing my best poker of my life so I cannot wait. Nothing like the Main Event!

I've been doing tournament updates on the Cracking Aces Instagram, so follow along there for today's $1500 bounty and hopefully I'll build up a big stack. Updates hopefully looking like this:



Let's get rich baby!