'I Am Fire' - Yanet Garcia, The World's Hottest Weather Girl, Describes Herself As Correct As Possible

I guess technically it's yo soy fuego that she said, but that translates to the important line. I am fire. Hard to argue. In fact impossible to argue. The only person who might be able to argue that is her dummy ex-boyfriend who dumped her to keep playing video games. 

Fast forward a couple years and not only is she dominating the weather scene, but she's also dropping mixtapes to announce an OnlyFans: 

Now I think everyone knows I'm a big scout guy. I need to see the tape. I need to come up with my own thought process in how I like to see players and teams. So if Yanet Garcia is going to call herself fire, I need to hit the tape. The tape in this case is Instagram. I'm not on OnlyFans - you'd be looking at Glenny Balls for that content. 

Here's the tape: 

Verdict: She is fire. Accurate statement.