Lost In All The Trades And Leon Rose Being A Genius Is Now The Julius Randle Dilemma

Alright so we're all in on the Knicks and Brunson stuff because, well, it's the Knicks. It's why everyone is talking about Brunson. Now you can read all about the trades and what Leon Rose did here from our beloved Clem: 

However, this is about something different. We need to talk about the Julius Randle dilemma. There's already this report: 

Okay, that makes sense. But you have Randle on a contract for a few years that isn't backbreaking. I say that in the sense of you can trade that contract. It's not like the Russell Westbrook or previous John Wall deal, etc. It's one that a team can take on. Why does that matter? This stuff: 

We obviously have to talk about the two Julius Randle's. Two years ago he was an All-NBA player, an All-Star and a guy that you wanted on your team. Not saying he's a No. 1 but you could clearly win with Randle as a focal point of the team. Last year? He was booed pretty quick and everyone wanted Obi Toppin to play over him. Now we're about to have an all-time lefty team: 

Brunson, Randle and RJ all lefty. Plus me as a fan. Pretty sure that's the best 4. 

As for how he fits with Brunson, this report makes me feel a bit better: 


It's also why I'm not freaking out about signing Brunson. I actually really like him as a player. Is it overpaying? Probably. But if the Knicks don't sign him it's just back to where they always have been without a point guard and trying to figure it out. 

But ultimately it comes down to what Leon Rose does now. Does he create a max spot by moving Randle and make it worth it? Barring a massive surprise you start the season with him. You need him to buy in no matter what and see if his trade value holds.