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Leon Rose Cleared ANOTHER $19 Million In Cap Space For Free Agency (Jalen Brunson) By Trading/Giving Away Alec Burks And Nerlens Noel To The Pistons

Let's go live to Pistons HQ to see Troy Weaver's reaction to Leon Rose sending more players to Detroit for cap relief:

Okay that was a little extreme and I don't think that people are going to lose their minds over these deals the way they did the draft night trades. But the Knicks did just give away two usable veteran players along with a couple of the 2nd rounders Leon Rose has been stacking for the all important cap space that became the most sought after commodity for Knicks fans since it allowed us to dream about signing superstars we would Photoshop (before coming comically short of signing them, but that's just semantics). 

Even though I liked what Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel gave us during that beautiful regular season two years ago, I'm not going to cry too much that they are leaving because it means Thibs can no longer start Burks at point guard over every other young guard on the roster and I no longer have to watch Noel fumble away a pass or rebound that bounced directly into his chest.

I truly wish them all the best and a mean ALL the best as in I would love nothing more for the Pistons to shock the world by becoming a Top 10 team next season since it would mean the pick Leon got from Detroit would become a Knicks pick. 

All this is clearly to get enough cap space to sign Jalen Brunson to a massive deal that is going to drive people crazy the minute he puts his Herbie John Hancock on the contract. But when you crunch the numbers of everything, it's pretty much the going rate for a starting point guard that will probably not look nearly as bad in a year or two.

I also have to believe that the front office has another move in mind when it comes to bringing in Brunson, whether it's Donovan Mitchell, Bradley Beal, or whatever name NBA Twitter wants to unleash upon my soul.

#InLeonWeTrust (#PartiallyBecauseWeDontHaveAChoice)