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Today In "Wow We're Old" - The Sons of Gary Sheffield, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, and Keith Foulke Are All Playing On The Same Summer Team

We're obviously used to sons of former big leaguers making a name for themselves and jumping onto the radar. We know Vlad Jr, Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette, and Fernando Tatis Jr. but it appears there is another crop of players from our favorite players loins and they're all playing on the same team this summer. The Brockton Rox have assembled an All-Star team of former stud players sons. Pedro Martinez Jr., Manny Ramirez Jr. D'Angelo Ortiz, Jaden Sheffield, and Kade Foulke. Talk about some star power on a summer Futures Collegiate Baseball League, this team is stacked with All-Star names. This league is a step below the Cape Cod league so there is some legit talent there, it's not like these guys are just there because of who their fathers are. But imagine you're a 20 year-old playing summer ball and you roll up to the game and see a group of dads walking to the field and it's Manny, Pedro, David Ortiz, and Gary Sheffield. No offense to Keith Foulke, his name just doesn't carry the same weight as the others. That can't be a good feeling if you're an opposing player. This team is going to sell out every ballpark they play at this summer just because of the names on their roster. 

It's especially cool for the Red Sox guys to all be on the same squad, their dads played together for a while and had to play against Sheffield. All these kids are connected in baseball history and now they're just being kids on the diamond together. Went from dicking around in the clubhouse together to playing highly competitive ball together. That's just cool.  I also have a few questions about the team. Do the parents have to bring snacks each game? Like is Gary Sheffield bringing a jumbo box of Kudos to one game, is Keith Foulke bringing the variety box of chips in 2 weeks? Do we get Pedro rolling up with a cooler of Capri Suns? What is the after the season party like, who's house is that at? Pool party at the Ramirez residence? Party at Shadowland paid for by the Ortiz's? Either way it's sick that all these guys are on the same team, must be an awesome experience for them and their dads.