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Blog Wheel: Huge fan already

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Here is the first edition of the wheel blog featuring replies I got on Twitter. I hate coming up with my own topics so I might just run this into the ground. Most of the ideas were pretty bad, but a few were ok. My least favorite was “Why Pete Rose should be in the HOF”. Shut up Ryan. I don’t support gambling of any kind. I'll have some choice words for the Penn National rep at my Penn National Compliance Training this Friday.

Other people didn't give me a topic and just complimented me instead. I put the compliments on the wheel too.

Good I got a compliment. Huge fan already.

Very nice of you @Girl__Fierii. Not a topic at all. Let’s discuss.

Some warehouses have huge ceiling fans. They move really slowly and don’t look like they’re doing much, but they must circulate air pretty well or else they wouldn’t use them.

If I was going to purchase a fan I would start at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Unless anyone knows of somewhere better.

Fan is short for fanatic.

Here are some things I am already a huge fan of:

Barstool Sports

  • Recently won a competition to work there. Was pretty fun. I was calm and relaxed on camera.

Kanye West

  • Musical genius. Probably not a good dude but I think he means well. Yeezus is currently my favorite album, but that changes a lot. I watched the Kanye documentary the night before Barstool Idol for inspiration. It worked. Thank you Kanye.


  • I heard your feedback. The feedback online. Use more of them. In my writing. Twist my arm.

Bowling Green

  • Fine institution in Ohio. I grew up there. Went to college there. Parents work there. It’s very windy. So fucking glad I don’t live in Ohio anymore.    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

The Indianapolis Colts

  • Football team (NFL). I think Matt Ryan will do well. He’s kind of boring but should still be able to win us games. I hated Carson Wentz because he is an unlikable person.


  • I'm wildly addicted. Definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. Recently tried to quit vaping by taking Zyn’s instead. Now I do both. I will likely die young.

Women’s Rights

  • They should have them I guess.

The Gays

  • I marched for them on Sunday and they thanked me.

New York City, New York

  • I love it. It’s disgusting. Just received a notification that someone was assaulted 500 feet away. I think Tommy Smokes did it.


  • Hydrating drink with lots of flavors. I’m paid to say good things about it.  

Billy Mitchell (King of Kong Fistful of Quarters)

  • He was in the office 3 days in a row. I got too drunk at the pride parade on Sunday and fell asleep at a desk in the office. When I woke up, he was there and I took this selfie. Thumbs up.


Here are some things I am not a huge fan of:


  • I smoke all the time and every time I have a panic attack. I don’t know why I do it. I smoked at a bar on Friday after Barstool Idol and had a full blown crisis about my life. Immediately took an $80 Uber back to my hotel, turned off my phone and slept for 14 hours. Felt fine in the morning.


  • I golfed in high school. It used to be my entire life. I was pretty good. Then I didn’t play for 5 years. Now I suck and behave like a child on the golf course when I’m playing poorly. I’m not fun to be around. Will probably play again soon.

Caroline Baniewicz

  • Kind of a bitch. Ruined this picture. Who really won Barstool Idol?


Twitter user @R_Millz_ 5 (full name Ryan Miller)

  • “wHy PeTe RoSe sHoUld bE iN tHe HalL oF fAmE”

John Rich (Country Singer)

  • If he would just respond to me once that might change. Hopefully I'll be able to lieu him away from his Texas home to have a sit down with me at Barstool Sports HQ.


  • Worked in sales for almost 7 years and hated every minute of it. "Who do you currently buy your packaging supplies from?" Yeah I don't care either.

I'm gonna go sleep on Nick's small couch. Big fan of him too.