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The Final 2022 Spittin Chiclets Stanley Cup Playoff Stats

Another successful NHL postseason for the EBR Crew!! We cashed a bunch of Specials on the Scorebet and boosts on Barstool Sportsbook along with our single plays in the blogs. All of this was topped off with a big play on the Avs moneyline in Game 6 of the Final. 

I am not a huge analytics guy when watching hockey. I played in an era of wooden sticks, no visors, 4th line fighters, game tape on VHS tapes all while boozing the night before a game so clearly I don't care about Corsi.

When it comes to risking hard-earned money on this great game, I do look at trends and this was the foundation of starting the Spittin’ Chiclets’ Playoff stats. Here is how it all played out, I hope everyone enjoyed it.

89 Total Stanley Cup Playoff Games

Favorites 59

Underdogs 30

The favorites had a huge edge this season, which was clearly helped by the Avalanche’s epic 16-4 run on the way to winning the cup.

Draws (MurleySpecial) 15

Murley Specials were way down this year (26 last year) with only 15 games going to overtime. Thankfully the entire Chiclets Crew got on board for Game 4 to go extra time and we cashed some big tickets!!

Overs 46

Under 41

Pushes 2

The Overs came out the gates cashing easily much to the delight of Mr. Ice, but when the game 7s appeared and more was on the line in the later rounds the Unders made a strong comeback including the last 3 games of the Cup Final.

Puck-line Covers 61/89

The EBR bettors who cashed in the most were the ones playing the puck line or alt puck line lines as coaches were not shy to pull the goalie early or just shut it down, save their energy and get run out of the building.

That puts a wrap on the 2021-22 NHL gambling season. We will be back better than ever in 105 Days!!! 

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Instagram: murls_ebr