Apparently There Is This Sport in Florence, Italy That Is Sort Of Like Soccer Except You Get To Just Beat The Shit Out Of EVERYONE Legally

So Donnie did a video on this a while ago, but it is new to me and I believe he has a video on it coming out soon and I can NOT wait. This sport is insane. Probably the closest thing to the Roman Colosseum and gladiators in our modern times. You can't stab anyone and they're not feeding Christians to the lions anymore, but other than that...knock yourself out. Or actually, knock your opponents out. I mean look at this shit

So I guess a more accurate description would be rugby, mixed with soccer, mixed with mortal combat. 

You want to play? Tough shit. You can't. This isn't the running of the bulls where some American asshole can just show up and get gored to death. No. One of the ONLY rules for Calcio Storico is that you have to be born in Florence to get on a team. There are only 4 teams. How do you decide what team to play for? You don't. The four teams represent four different neighborhoods in Florence. So this is basically legalized and structured gang warfare. Not the worst idea I have ever heard. Take violence off the streets and into the colosseum for our entertainment. There needs to be a live stream of this event next year. I wouldn't hate it if this became an Olympic Sport either. Just find out which country has the baddest motherfuckers in the world. I'd like our chances.