Five Months Later And The Emoni Bates Saga Still Isn't Over And Still Doesn't Make Any Sense

I'm not going to lie, I almost, *almost*, forgot about Emoni Bates. That statement alone seems crazy considering he was one of the most decorated high school basketball players ever and one of the most hyped recruits in recent time. He was the first ever sophomore to win Gatorade Boys NPOY back in April of 2020. Fast forward and here we are.

Actually we can't truly fast forward yet because I gotta set the groundwork. Bates reclassified to play at Memphis this past season along with 5-star Jalen Duren. They were on the shortlist of preseason favorites to win the title. That didn't happen - obviously. Bates struggled, not really being able to find his shot and was wildly inconsistent. In February he stepped away from the team where one report said he was leaving Memphis and another report said it was for a back injury: 

Okay, sure. Bates ended up playing in the NCAA Tournament on a minutes restriction and then promptly hit the transfer portal. You'd think that would be the end of the story but oh no. We're talking about Emoni Bates and Memphis. 


That was in early May. We're about to enter July and Bates is still in the transfer portal. Not only that but there's been smoke about him coming BACK to Memphis. 

Uhh what? The same Memphis that he was on, left, on and left again? You even go to the Rivals Crystal Ball predictions and one has Louisville, the rest is undecided. He has to pick a school or G League or something at some point here, right? I'm starting to think he might just hang out and show up in like January. It wouldn't shock me. There was a time it looked like he was going to Louisville. That doesn't seem the case anymore. Apparently Eastern Michigan is in play. 

It's not like Bates can't play. Again, look at his history. He reclassified and didn't handle his first year. That's not uncommon. But something is going on. Again, look at his history there too. Decommitting from Michigan State, his high school drama. It's been a wild ride for Bates that keeps getting weirder.