Freddie Freeman Fires His Agent Following Atlanta Return, Reportedly Unhappy With Free Agency Saga

If you thought the Freddie Freeman saga was over once the Dodgers left Atlanta having finished their season series with the Braves, think again. Freeman's emotional return to Truist Park caught the attention of everyone — including his Los Angeles teammates — but now he has fired his agent, which won't lessen the attention any.

I really don't remember any other situation like this. It's very clear to everyone that Freeman, who is playing very well, just doesn't want to be on the Dodgers. He spent more time than not this past weekend fighting back tears while playing the Braves. He looked genuinely sad, to the point that Clayton Kershaw felt the need to call him out publicly. It's all very weird.

The timing of this announcement seems suspect to me, too. If this is because of how Freddie's free agency went down, why didn't he fire his agent before the season? Maybe it's a coincidence, but coming directly on the heels of the Braves series when there was a ton of attention on Freddie feels intentional.

If Freeman wanted to stay with the Braves as badly as it seems he did, it's a shame his agent didn't make that happen. Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos cried on the day the Matt Olson trade was announced, too, so it certainly doesn't seem like Freeman's departure was for lack of desire on the Braves' part, either.

Worst-case scenario, the Braves have a franchise legend tearing apart their rival's clubhouse from the inside. Best-case scenario, Freddie mopes around long enough that the Dodgers decide they have to trade him and he comes back to Atlanta as a knight in shining armor to team up with Matt Olson and the rest of the gang — thank you, designated hitter. Either one is fine with me.

I don't think this is how anyone envisioned Freeman's first season in L.A. going, though.