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The 'Beach Boys' Being All Chummy With Charles Manson Right Up Until He Started His Cult Murdering Spree Is Not Talked About Enough

Well...knock me over with a feather. One of the greatest bands from the height of rock and roll were living with one of the most infamous murderers of all time and this happened when both were at the peak of their "powers". Absolutely absurd. The Beach Boys allegedly recorded a song written and largely composed by Manson. 

Imagine the internet's reaction if this happened today. Like one day Harry Styles was living with this dude and these groupies and then like a year later that dude and those groupies went out and murdered all these friends of One Direction's manager. That is what essentially happened here. Just absolutely mind boggling. 

A common thing people like to say is that they "were born in the wrong time". I sometimes think that, but I also know that there probably isn't a period of time and place that I am less suited to than California in the late 60s. FUCK. THAT. All these hippies running around forming communes and preaching quasi communist beliefs as they do a ton of drugs and get venereal diseases from all the "free love" group sex they were having. I wouldn't last a day. 

Like this member of the Beach Boys didn't know Charles Manson until the girls he picked up hitch hiking brought Manson back to his house. I would've called the police IMMEDIATELY to get these fucking weirdos off my property. What'd they do...invite them in to stay basically indefinitely and funded their lifestyle to the tune of $100,000 over just a few months. And nobody apparently thought that was that weird. Just a sign of the times and a time that I am glad I had NOTHING to do with. 

The more I think about it the more I think the 90s were the like the ideal decade. Relative peace, pre-9/11, the internet and cable were things, but they were still in their infancy so they hadn't totally corrupted our brains and culture yet, cost of education wasn't through the roof, the biggest scandal was the President getting a blowjob, Jordan...things were good. Better than the previous era and seemingly better than right now. Grass is always greener and maybe it's my nostalgia, but that seemed like a good time to be alive.