Travis Kelce Is Confirmed The Horniest Tight End In The NFL

Shout out to the Boys no free shout outs but shout out Will Iove you. This past weekend it was Tight End University camp put on by Greg Olsen and George Kittle. To be honest it looks like the best camp to ever attend, its the best athletes and it also seems like they get to party a lot too. In the video above Will goes around asking each person what Tight End would you not let date your daughter. Everyone was trying to be nice and say someone that wouldn't get mad but the last person to go was Tavis Kelce. His answer for the Horniest Tight end was Travis Kelce. Well duh...

This looks like a photoshopped picture and I am here to tell you he really had a dating show and it was so bad it was awesome. I remember watching and couldn't believe it was a real thing. If you can go back and watch it because i was hooked because he really just didn't care at all and thought he was the coolest person in the world. Granted he is pretty cool, so there was horny number one. Horny number two: allegedly this was part of the application to get onto the show. 

This may be the horniest thing you'll see in an application. Just if you've sent a nude send it in might as well you know. Oh and if you have been naked in public tell us no particular reason just want to know why you would be naked in public. I think that he is now just being openly horny. Also lately there was some rumors that his girlfriend broke up with him because he made her pay for half of everything. Every dinner, Vacation, drinks anything. She denied it but in the article his girlfriends friend said Travis was cheap but who am I to say. When a rumor is so outrageous like that where a millionaire is making his girlfriend pay for half of everything there has to be some truth to it. He also has had a lot of cheating allegations against him with his girlfriend, so look the man knows he is horny and it is confirmed by no other person but himself.