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Dyson Daniels Clearly Got His Defensive Talent From His Mom, Who Is Stunned Her White Dress Caused 'Mayhem' On Draft Night

Here's the dress and post in question: 

You may remember Brikitta from Draft Night: 

Well now it's clear where he gets his traits from. It's not the fact his dad played at NC State. You see, Dyson Daniels is known as being one of the best defenders in this class. He's excelled on that side of the floor since his days in Australia and even last year with G League Ignite. By all accounts it's the one thing that will translate for him the most going to the Pelicans. 

He got it from his mom. Look at that defense. So much mayhem over a little white dress. That's right, blame it on everyone tweeting about her or blogging about the white dress. She simply was there as a mother. Hard to argue with that. It's how you deflect - also a key stat for some coaches. Precisely how Dyson Daniels turned into a top-10 pick. 

More importantly welcome to stardom, Dyson Daniels' mom. This is 2022. If you are attractive and around someone on Draft night you will be found on social media. It's what everyone does back since Jan Vesely days. 

Every year - whether it's the NBA or NFL Draft - someone goes viral. It's a mom or a sister or a significant other. It never fails. It's as much of a guarantee as someone being a bust. What we rarely get is what we saw last week though. Two moms going viral. History was made, mayhem was made.