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Experiment Incoming: The Tigers/Royals Game On Sunday Is Not Going To Have TV Announcers Or A Traditional Broadcast

[Source] - MLB Sunday Leadoff host and in-game reporter Ahmed Fareed, former Tigers outfielder and current Bally Sports Detroit analyst Craig Monroe, and NBC Sports’ Britney Eurton will take fans around Detroit’s Comerica Park throughout the game, providing viewers with a tour of the ballpark, unique viewpoints, conversations with special guests, and more.

“This is another way to take you out to the ball game and give the fans a unique experience,” said Sam Flood, NBC Sports Production Executive Producer & President. “We’re going to be fans of the game, taking you to different parts of the ballpark and engaging in a way that fans watch the game in the stadium.”

I actually love this idea. I know people will want to shit on it, but why not? Announcers aren't the necessity they were back in the 90s and such. There are concepts like this + you can just sort of follow along on your own. It's not like you need someone telling you it's a strike or whatever. But the real reason I love it? It's the Royals and Tigers. Two teams that are a combined 36 games below .500. There might be 12 people in the stands and that might just be people there to see Chris Castellani. 

That said, I will riot if it's not Chris and these guys on as the fans talking to the camera: 

Giphy Images.

They have to be Tigers fans too. 

I'm all for trying shit out like this. Why not? We know the traditional broadcast and it's 2022, we can do different stuff. Personally I wouldn't hate if there was a game with no announcers. Just the crowd noise and the sound of the game. 100% chance I fall asleep on the couch, but at least that will speed up the process. Every sport seems to be doing something like this. Whether it's the ManningCast or no broadcasters, we're seeing traditional broadcasting change. Good. It needs to. 

I'm a little shocked that baseball is doing this. They are without a doubt the last sport to try something unique. Could do without the baseball stadium tour too. It's a baseball stadium. That's boring unless you're there in person. 

Can't wait to see what's next with broadcasting. Maybe something called an electric chair? 

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