A Slightly Chilled Uncrustables On A Hot Summer's Day Is The Peak Of Culinary Excellence

First and foremost, let me put a Jordie's Disclaimer out there that this is in no way an ad. I wish it was because I'd love nothing more than to get paid to hammer back a few Uncrustables every day. But my pockets are empty on this one. 

With that out of the way…I've always been a big believer that when it comes to food, simplicity is king. There's a time and a place for fine dining. There's a time and a place for excessiveness. But if you can nail the simple things to perfection? Well it just doesn't get any better than that. It's why you only need salt and pepper to make the perfect steak. Simplicity to its highest potential is always going to be better than anything else you could possibly taste. 

And that brings us to the Uncrustable. A damn near perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly cased and crimp sealed in a sandwich with the crust removed. No thrills, no frills. The Uncrustable in its stock form is tremendous, don't get me wrong.  But something magical happens when the weather gets warmer and the Uncrustables get colder when you don't let them thaw out all the way.

Maybe you were at a sports tournament as a kid and the frozen Uncrustables were in the cooler waiting to get devoured between games. Maybe you're on the beach and you're looking for a little sweet and salty snack to enjoy to make sure you've got some food in your belly while you go through a case of Diet Miller's. Maybe you're out on the golf course and you're playing the best 5-over thru 6 holes of your life. The chilled Uncrustable always delivers. At no point in any of those situations will you ever reach for the chilled Uncrustable and even have a shred of regret pop into your mind. It's one of those moments where it just feels like everything in the universe was lined up perfectly for that exact bite to happen at that exact moment. There are plenty of world-renowned chefs out there who have spent their entire lives looking to achieve that bite, yet none of them have been able to match it. 

P.S. -- Welcome to summer blogging.