NYPD Rookie Who Gave Her Lt. an Office Party Lap Dance is Being Encouraged to Join OnlyFans. As Well She Should.

It's been quite a while since we've heard from New York City Police Department rookie officer Vera Mekuli, who lap danced her way into fame and our hearts at her work Holiday Party in December: 

In fact, it was on Christmas Day itself that she gave this heartfelt apology to her commanding officer Lt. Nick McGarry and his wife for the whole situation after he got busted down to Meter Maid or something. 

Well Officer Mekuli is back in the news. For all the right reasons. 

Daily Mail - Vera Mekuli, 26, has racked up 17,800 followers on Instagram where she most recently posted a photo of herself in blue bikini and tight-fitting dress. 

Now her fans are urging her to start monetizing her cleavage-baring photos by starting an OnlyFans account. 

'She should start an only fans,' follower Insure_hub wrote next to a photo of Mekuli flashing the devil horns hand gesture. 'She'll be a millionaire in 6 months.'

Another fan wrote: 'I know people are saying you should do an OF, I say you do whatever makes you feel happy.' …

In May, she was suspended from the NYPD after allegedly drunkenly berating a New Jersey State Trooper who was arresting her brother-in-law for urinating on the side of the road. 

On Instagram, Mekuli posts a series of cleavage-baring selfies, and one shot of her in a form-fitting dresss has racked up more than 2,800 likes. 

'I'm just waiting for the OF to drop…til then I'm here for this,' on Instagram fan, Laichitis wrote.

Look, in these difficult times of rising crime rates and a general sense of the culture spiraling out of control, we need all the good, qualified, competent peace officers we can get. One, to maintain law and order. And two, to help improve the image of the police nationwide. So I wouldn't deign to encourage a young woman brave enough to patrol the streets of our largest - and one of the most troubled - cities to leave the force. Officer Mekuli heard the call of duty and answered it. And for that she is to be commended, not discouraged. 

But when 2,800 of her follwers on the 'Gram are right, they are right. Sometimes the universe just guides a person toward their destiny. And that seems to be what's playing out here. Yes, citizens need to be kept safe. But the motto of some departments is "to protect and to serve." And perhaps she was meant to serve the greater good on OnlyFans. I mean, look at the moves in that video. And check out her skills with the camera:


I think I speak for a lot of my fellow taxpayers when I say I want a dedicated professional like Vera answering the call when we need help. But we also need the best and brightest on our soft-core adult pay sites as well. And it seems to me she can affect more lives in a positive way by giving the people what they want. The fact that she'd make millions in the process is secondary to the good she would be doing. Not to mention she'd be free to grind up on all the high ranking officials and drunkenly, verbally abuse all the Staties she wants. Sounds like a win for everyone.