David Dobrik May Use Johnny Depp's Lawyer, Camille Vasquez, In His $10 Million Lawsuit Against Jeff Wittek

Spicy, spicy, spicy!

For quite some time famous YouTube Vlogger, David Dobrik, has been facing a $10 Million lawsuit by Jeff Wittek. After a wild crane incident during one of David's vlogs, Jeff Wittek was severely injured. 

Ria wrote up a good recap on the situation if you'd like to learn more.

So obviously after the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fiasco, the main winner appears to be Camille Vasquez. Now I didn't follow the trial too closely aside from random clips here or there, but consensus seems to be that Camille is a total fucking badass. Her and her team are on top of their game and with that, significant opportunities arise.

At the end of the tiktok at the top of the blog, you can hear one of her partners say, "I had a great conversation with David Dobrik!" Camille responds, "Oh good."

Now you can have conversations with lawyers where the two parties don't end up working together. It could be one of those situations or Camille and her team could try to fight for David. Being someone that fairly knows the situation with David and Jeff, it seems like David is in a HUGE hole in this one. The horror stories that have came out of this 2020 crane incident are frightening to say the least. So David knows he needs the big guns to try and win this case. Can Camille Vasquez and her team save the day?

Only time will tell.