You'll Never Feel Smarter Than After Watching Smitty, Billy Football And Tommy Smokes Play Wheel Of Fortune

Barstool Plays Wheel of Fortune!

In today's Barstool Plays video, we have Smitty, Billy Football and Tommy Smokes facing off in a classic game show. Prior to this recording, none of these guys knew how to play Wheel of Fortune, so it's utter madness and chaos in the Gametime Studio!

Leading off, Smitty flat out gave Tommy an answer to kick off the video:

We can all argue that traditional game shows are the best. In the college, there wasn't a second when the Game Show Network wasn't on TV during the afternoon. When nothing else is on, Steve Harvey is always willing to make a mockery of some American family.

In this video, we're gonna see if Tommy Smokes is able to keep up his ultimate winning streak. LTB Tournament? Check. Surviving Barstool? Check. The Dozen Season 2? Check. But will he finally meet his match and be outsmarted by Billy Football or General Smitty? Watch the video to find out!

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