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More Proof The Magic Need Shaq To Buy The Team - Chet Holmgren Reportedly Tanked His Work Out So Orlando Wouldn't Draft Him

[Source] - While rumors had been flying around the league for a couple weeks about what was going on, most of them unfounded and overly speculative, as I understand things, at least one concrete maneuver was taken to steer Holmgren away from the Magic: according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Holmgren bailed early on the last day of his Orlando visit, conducting a brief on-court shooting workout that he cut short. While I don’t know whether that impacted anything with the Magic’s decision at No. 1, objectively, it’s very hard to use a high-stakes draft pick on a player that doesn’t truly want to be part of your team.

I don't mean to blog about the Orlando Magic on back-to-back days but 1) I like to set records and 2) it's the dog days of blogging. There's not much going on and it's trying to find anything out there. So here we are. Guys tanking workouts and trying to maneuver where they go isn't exactly new. But very few times does that include being the No. 1 pick AND having your best friend out there. 

That's right. Jalen Suggs and Chet Holmgren. Good friends, former high school teammates, both went to Gonzaga. It would have made all the sense in the world based on fit there. But no one wants to play for the Magic. Can't really blame them. At least Thunder fans care. At least the Thunder have some success with young players and development. Meanwhile the Magic have like 42 fans and I'm convinced the majority of people at their games are there because it's cheaper than Disney World. 

This is just further proof that the Magic need Shaq. 

You think a big man wouldn't dream of playing for Shaq? If the Magic were smart they'd sell to Shaq and let him work with the big men. Get him on the court as a coach and teach them. Feel like people forget/too young to remember how nimble young Shaq was and how damn athletic he was. Let him get out there, put Chet on the eating plan and work on his offensive game. 

Tough times for the Magic.