Philly Sports Just Mean More: Union Athletic Trainer Gets Red Card After Being Ready To Fight Entire NYCFC Team

Paul Rushing is the head athletic trainer for the Philadelphia Union. You may not have known his name before, I know I sure as heck didn't, but he's the baddest dude in the MLS. And fortunately for the entire NYC FC roster, they didn't get a chance to fully find out what he's capable of after they poked the bear. 

This all started after Rushing went out onto the field to tend to Union player Julian Carranza. Truth be told, I don't watch a ton of Union games so I have no idea what happened to put Carranza on the turf. It's soccer so I can't imagine it was much. But either way, it's Paul Rushing's job to go out there and make sure his guys are healthy. It's his job to get out there and immediately care for his guys. It's also his job to make sure nobody gets in the way of him attending to said guys, like this Acevedo cat from NYC FC was doing. 

Back the fuck up, pal. Paul Rushing is on the case now and unless your bitch ass is considered vital to the assistance of an injured player, PR needs you to get the hell away from the scene. So he gives him a little shove to get the hell out of there, and like every overly-sensitive and overly-dramatic soccer player in the world, the entire NYC FC team seemed to take issue with that shove. Bad idea because if you thought Paul Rushing wanted to rip your head off before, just wait until you really make him mad. He'll take out your entire team one by one slow and methodically and with great pleasure. 

Now here's the only thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about this whole...kerfuffle. 

It's this Wagner fella on the Union who seems to be annoyed with Paul Rushing and yelling at him to get off the field. Talk about a loser who has no idea what it means to be for the boys. 

Are you kidding me, dude? How are you not going to have your own guy's back like that? If I were the GM of the Philadelphia Union I'd have this clown on the first flight back to Germany. 

The thing about being a part of a championship program is that you need everybody doing their job to the best of their ability. Everybody. Obviously the players, but also the coaches, and the training staff, and the video guys, and ticket sales agents, and the concession stand workers, and the parking lot attendants. A winning culture is from the very top to the very bottom. Paul Rushing was going out there to do his job to the best of his ability and protect his players. Meanwhile he has this little twink acting like he doesn't have the right to beat the shit out of some NYCFC players who get in his way of doing that job? Get out of here. That's a guy who just doesn't get it and never will. Good news is that head coach Jim Curtin does. 


No problem with that at all. Need more Paul Rushing's out there.