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The Most Toxic App: Cleaning Up The Macrodosing Discord

Discord is an extremely useful platform. It is an efficient way to set up a community and have the dissemination of information and has been a great platform for "Billy's List". Which if you didn't know is an exclusive bunch of dudes who know tons of stuff and everyone asks each other questions and helps out other dudes. My discord is extremely well managed with tons of moderators and tons of help from the community. Hearing all the horror stories of Discord gone awry seemed to be totally avoided.

Then we decided to create discord for Macrodosing to build the community. I was not involved too much in it and the full toxicity of discord came out in droves. There were tons of problems. There was every form of ism, ny, phobic taking place and it was totally out of control. People kept posting pictures of their ballsacks and genitals while the meme section had quickly devolved into a far-right circle jerk. I mean I'm no lib but this stuff was less civilized than chimps throwing shit at the zoo. 

I can't show a lot of the stuff I saw, I'm no hero but I saw it so you guys didn't have to. They were being absolute creeps to Maddog and we had to civilize the savages. I put together a squad from Billy's list Discord and went to war to clean up the Macrodosing discord. The Bilitia ran through the chat and rounded up and banned all the scum. 

The first target of our occupation of the Macrodosing chat was the ballsack poster. After the strenuous long investigation of who sent pictures of their ballsack, we finally got the guy. We got tipped off by the pictures he posted. Of his ballsack.

But unfortunately, we were wrong. There wasn't just one guy who was posting balls. In a stunning turn of events, there were multiple ball sack posters. These guys really put us to the test(es) as we searched high and low to find where these guys were illegal spreading extremely amateur pornography. They posted nuts in sub-threads that nuts had 0 application. Politics, science, or free talk nuts were semi-applicable, but nuts did not by any means belong in the merch ideas thread. 

We took out ballsack man and all the copycats in record time. The Billitia was efficient in separating the ballsy from the civilian population. There were only 2 collateral blocks of non-nutsackers. They were quickly reinstated. 

I just don’t understand why they were posting balls. But we got em out of there. We then went after the racists. There were the overt racists then the dog whistlers. We had been infiltrated by deep, deeeep, web communities that moderators like the Billitia keep in the depths of the internet so you surface-level internet dwellers never have to come into contact with them. We are the fine line between the total collapse of society and stability. After taking out all the racists we then had to go take down the homophobes. There were more homophobes than racists, but more antisemites than segregationists. It was an absolute shit show but we rounded them up. 

I was going to destroy the politics chat but after negotiating with the local population of the subthread I decided to grant them mercy in exchange for them to stop being creeps about Mad Dog. The politics chat was turning straight into the 4th Reich. It was a hard negotiation because they were literally worshipping Maddog outside of just minor simping. 

To find the scum we instituted a snitching system to cause mass psychology of compliance. I borrowed this tactic from Andrew Cuomo who famously used it in his reign during covid. Has the moderator role gotten to my head and I am totally ruling with an iron fist? Absolutely. But in order to rule such an uncivilized population, you must rule with an Iron fist. We instituted a semblance of civilization in a feral discord. We kicked out the crazy trolls so that interesting discourse and the meeting of curious minds could occur. The Billitia prevailed in instilling law and order so now you could join the Macrodosing discord. 

It was a long struggle between good and evil, and a good one. Thank you for entertaining my personal digital crusade I did today, especially shoutout the Billitia. I think I achieved a small amount of the high big tech feels by censoring freedom of speech. 

I don’t read Reddit but the Billitia has gotten rave reviews.

If you can't tell I have gone from talking on a microphone around 15 hours a week to 0 and I had gotten addicted to the in-person social interaction so I am cosplaying as a liberator to pretend I'm totally fine.