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Ben Affleck's 10 Year Old Son Reportedly SMASHES* His Dad's Lamborghini Into A BMW

THE MIRRORBen Affleck 's 10-year-old son was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini when it bumped into another vehicle over the weekend. Samuel, 10, had joined dad Ben, 49, and his fiancee Jennifer Lopez, 52, for a trip to luxury vehicle dealership 777 Exotics when the incident happened on Sunday. Ben had allowed his son into the driver's seat of a yellow Lamborghini that had the engine running as he browsed the motors on offer at the Los Angeles dealership. 

While in the motor Samuel put the car in reverse, which resulted in the vehicle making contact with the front of a white BMW situated behind the Lamborghini. 

After reversing into the car, Samuel - who Ben shares with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner - then got out of the Lambo the look at where the car had bumped another vehicle.

Just another example of the utter lawlesness and moral bankruptcy of California and Hollywood celebrity culture.  Licenses? Rules of the road? What licenses? What rules?  Someone could have been killed. They probably don't prosecute for that anymore. Not that they would even investigate it — when you're rich and famous the laws don't apply to you. Your 10 year old can go on a joyride around the parking lot playing bumper cars with BMWs and Benzes.  

Now, the Mirror headline says "Ben Affleck's Son Bashes a Lamborghini Into BMW." As you can see, I've altered the verbiage in mine to read "Ben Affleck's Son Smashes His Lamborghini Into A BMW," but same idea. Why would I do that, when "real journalists" doing "investigative work" are reporting "it appears that the luxury sports car touched the BMW's front wheel and possibly the fender," that "a representative for Ben...stated that no damage was caused", and that "an employee claimed there was no accident and the two vehicles were just parked close together?"  Would A ) I exaggerate for a more enticing headline, just to generate some cheap clicks for a place with no discernible editorial standards?  Or B ) maybe, unlike the bootlickers firmly entrenched in The Mainstream Media, I don't just lap up anything someone famous or in a position of power feeds me, then roll over and get my belly scratched?  A "representative for Ben" — oh, the high-powered PR firm of an A-List Hollywood actor, I'm sure they reel in a client like Ben Affleck through their reputation of always telling the truth based on the facts and evidence.  "An employee" — at 777 Exotics, "luxury cars of Los Angeles" where people like Ben Affleck and J.Lo show up on a casual afternoon to shop around for sports cars: I'm sure their workers have never been trained or prepared for TMZ showing up looking for dirt.  Come on now.  I was born in the morning but it wasn't yesterday morning. They're even claiming there's "video" of the "little ding" — well, it won't load on my computer (looks like a Flash issue) so, no video that I'VE seen.  As far as I'm concerned, it's clear Little Affleck got loaded and stole the keys and took the Lambo out for a joyride that ended in a massive head-on collision with a BMW — probably multiple fatalities too. Anyone check the ERs?

(Answer Key:  A)


Jennifer...was later pictured comforting Samuel, with the Jenny From the Block singer snapped holding hands with her beau's son as they left the car dealership on Sunday.

Smart little man.