A Viral PSA With An Important Message: Don't Park In Handicap Spaces Or This Guy Will Fuck Your Wife

Normally I like to park in handicap spots as a public good, part of the work I do with the disabled — being pushed to walk longer distances builds both character and the atrophied muscles of legs that don't get enough use, I believe.  But it's a service I am no longer willing to provide unfortunately, at least if this PSA is to be believed.  At least, I'll have to choose between a wife and extremely convenient parking.  Which is, admittedly, a genuinely difficult decision.  But if this fucking hunk of a handicapped dude is going to threaten to fuck my wife on my couch and turn me into a cuckold and steal my home and family and, if I take him as literally as possible, my identity, well then that makes my choice much easier. I'll park and walk like a peasant.  Kind of disableist frankly but message received.