Today In Totally Normal News: Adrian Peterson And Le'Veon Bell Are Set To Box Each Other At The Arena Next Month

Well that is certainly A headline. Not sure if it's exactly the headline people that will sell a ton of fights. Don't get me wrong, if you showed someone that headline years ago their heads would explode. The greatest running back of a generation whose game is based on powerful speed boxing the most ruthlessly calculating running back that was no damn slouch in his own right at an arena named after the mysterious yet futuristic currency.

Then this happened

and this happened

then this happened

And suddenly that headline looks not an interesting as it would've in the past. I'll probably still watch though, if by watch I mean scrolling on Twitter during fight night to see if any of these guys become memes like Frank Gore did.

As for the sickos looking to handicap this fight, I was going to go to the last Madden these gladiators were in to see their ratings that applied to the sweet science. But I guess this is the best breakdown we are going to get unless Large covers this fight for Barstool Boxing.