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This Little Asshole Gets Himself Stuck In a Claw Machine, And Is Then Proposterously Given a Free Toy

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Fox 6 - At 18 months old, Colin Lambert is like most kids his age. He’s a rough and tumble kid who enjoys out-flanking his parents. And that’s exactly what he did earlier this week — when he got himself stuff in a toy vending machine. Colin’s grandmother was watching him — and looked away for a moment while at the laudromat. “I got a text message, looked down, flicked it, looked down and didn’t hear the bang. And with Colin, you have to hear the bang or you don’t see him for another 10 seconds,” said Diane O’Neill, Colin’s grandmother. “All I could see was his feet, he had already called in. I grabbed his feet and he kicked my hand and he got in climbed up and over glass partition and sat down in the toys.” O’Neill quickly called the police and her daughter who was sleeping after a long day at work. Colin never got upset about what happened. After all, he had a bunch of toys to play with while firefighters got him out. Once Colin was freed, we’re told the firefighters let Colin take one toy home.


I’m not being a hardass or anything, I fully believe it’s preposterous to think he deserved anything other than to be AP’d til the cows come home. You have to start learning sometime. You can’t just willy nilly crawl into any old place and expect to get away with it. Actions have consequences. You know how hard those claw games are? Impossible. Impossibly hard. I respect him trying to crawl in there, steal one or two stuffed animals, and then get out. But he didn’t have the heart. No heart at all. Once he got in there, he wasn’t willing to make the leap back down to get out. Pussy ass bitch. So then what do the police do when they get there? Award him with a free stuffed animal! What in the wide world of fuck is going on out there? Awarding him for cheating and then getting caught? I get it, if you go to an arcade, you have to find every edge you can find. But if you’re caught, you don’t get rewarded. So now this guy is going to go through life thinking he can do whatever he wants with no consequences. We’ll see how that goes for him.