The Esports Brand 'Envy' Has Officially Sunset To Fully Focus On OpTic Gaming

Chesnot. Getty Images.

It's official! The Esports brand 'Envy' has finally been retired to fully rebrand to OpTic Gaming. The writing was on the wall for this move for some time. Some of the first times can be seen when OpTic and Envy merged together in the competitive Call of Duty league. Previously, Envy owned the CDL Team Dallas Empire. Empire won the 2020 Call of Duty Championship by beating Atlanta FaZe. 

Whereas Envy has built up a fairly strong brand throughout the years, there's only a few brands that get the amount of support and love that OpTic Gaming do. The one strength of Envy has over OpTic was funding. Since 2016, Envy has had 3 funding amounts totaling $60 Million. With the extra funding, Envy is able to weather the storms of esports. Just like traditional sports, not every team is going to be profitable off the jump. You have to be able to weather a few financial losses until profits starts rolling in. By Envy having the funding in the bank plus OpTic's brand loyalty, it's a no brainer.

Here's Co-Owner and Chief Gaming Officer of Envy talking about the change:

Previously, Envy and OpTic were in a weird situation where they were trying to promote both Envy and OpTic under the same umbrella. To unite their fanbases, they decided to rebrand fully to OpTic Gaming. The consensus is that this is a fantastic move. OpTic Gaming is widely regarded as a top esports/gaming brands when considering fan loyalty and overall content created.

With the announcement of the rebrand also came the announcement of OpTic Rocket League! That's right, OpTic is officially in car soccer (which is an olympic sport nowadays):


Just another step in the right direction for the OpTic brand.