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HIGHLIGHTS: We Had Ourselves a Pair of Premier Lacrosse League Thrillers in Baltimore

It was an awesome weekend in Baltimore for Week 4 of the Premier Lacrosse League's regular season. I made my 2022 debut in the booth for a Saturday night doubleheader with a great broadcast team consisting of Johns Hopkins All-American Quint Kessenich, Dana Boyle roaming the sidelines, and a fantastic crew in the truck. Thank you to the PLL and ESPN for giving me this opportunity, hopefully there is more to come later this season.

GAME 1 - Cannons vs. Chrome

Chrome entered the game as the biggest surprise in the league. They went 2-7 last year and were the only team to miss the playoffs, but they were 3-0 at the beginning of the weekend. However, you wouldn't know that based off 95% of this game. But that doesn't matter, because an insane fourth quarter comeback capped off an overtime thriller.

GAME 2 - Archers vs. Atlas

This game was expected to be a shootout. Archers and Atlas entered this game as the top two scoring teams in the PLL, and they fit that description in the first quarter, totaling nine goals. But then, the defenses began to settle in, and it was Atlas who held on for the 10-9 win.