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The One Shot Fight Scene From Kevin Hart And Woody Harrelson's New Movie "The Man From Toronto" With A Chainsaw, Axes, And Flying Weights Is Beautiful Chaos Unleashed

***Spoiler Alert for anyone that doesn't want The Man From Toronto spoiled for them, even if you just found out that a movie called The Man From Toronto existed***

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Holy shit that was fun. I'm not going to speak on how technically great of a scene it was or how good The Man From Toronto is as a film since the only site I use for movie reviews ( doesn't have it ranked yet.

While that OTHER movie website has it rotten as fuck.

But if you do a one shot fight scene that involved Woody Harrelson fighting bad guys wielding a chainsaw, axes, and weights as Kevin Hart gets rag dolled around a ring all as Joker And The Thief plays in the background, I am going to blog it every single time. Granted if any other movie does all that in another scene, they will be sued for plagiarism by Patrick Hughes. Nonetheless, watching that mindless violence was exactly what I needed to burn a few extra minutes of my Monday and I hope it did the same for you.