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An Adult Film Star Once Went On The Radio And Spread A Rumor About Paul Bissonnette's Penis Size

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL BISSONNETTE AND RYAN WHITNEY! The Spittin' Chiclets duo joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, Whitney's golf game, and a Mount Rushmore of "Things That Change After Turning 30." If you've heard Biz and Whit on PMT before, you know that they are always going to bring great stories to the show. We got another one today, as Biz opened up about the time he once went on a date with someone who then went on the radio revealing his... penis size? That's right. Let's have the guys explain the full story:

Paul Bissonnette: Well, I used to go on KUPD maybe once a month and just like shoot the shit. And I was saying stuff that athletes, like, who especially who are playing, weren't really saying on radio back then. I don't even think the team fucking knew...

Ryan Whitney: But the Coyotes had nine fans, so it didn't matter. 

Paul Bissonnette: Yeah, so I don't even know if the team knew I was going on.

Mr. Cat: They don't even get to put their logo on the ice next year. 

Paul Bissonnette: That's still up for debate. That's not true. Shut the hell up.

Ryan Whitney: This is their locker room next year, your studio. 

(later in interview)

Paul Bissonnette: So, they wanted to hook me up with this Bibi Jones girl…

Mr. Cat: Oh, I remember this!

Paul Bissonnette: Yeah, and so I ended up taking her out on a date. You know, we go back, home, we do our thing. And, you know, next thing you know, the next morning, I'm getting a phone call from KUPD at 8 in the morning being like, "Bibi Jones is saying that you have a small horn on the radio!"

Ryan Whitney: Awful in the sack.

Paul Bissonnette: "He's awful in the sack." I'm like, "How am I going to back myself up? Most of this is pretty true here." So, it was a game day against the Chicago Blackhawks, I couldn't even go on rebuttal, but I thought the fact that given the fact that I was giving these guys my time every month, they kind of threw me under the bus having her on. I got teed up for failure, and you know, it played out in the valley radio, and I think everybody had a good chuckle. But I didn't really give a fuck, if it would have been in a market like Toronto or something, then I would have been whooped. I might not have gotten laid for a couple of years.

(later in interview)

Mr. Cat: It was that bad?

Paul Bissonnette: No, the performance was fine. She kept getting a phone call from her boyfriend the whole time, which she then went into studio, I believe, with him the next day.

Mr. Cat: You buried that part! That's awkward. She has to be like, "Oh, I had a bad time."

Paul Bissonnette: That's what was throwing off my performance.

What a freaking story! Biz never fails to deliver. And what a weird, weird move by the actress. How dare she spread those words about our very good friend and recurring guest?!