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VIDEO: Plans Unveiled For A Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotel That Can Carry Over 5,000 Guests

I mean this concept is so ludicrous I like it. A gigantic nuclear-powered city that's supposed to just fly forever with multiple engines while having 5k people on it. What could go wrong? The thing about nuclear submarines is they are so out of sight and out of mind. This thing is a goddamn nuclear bomb a couple of geese away from causing the next Hiroshima. I mean they say that this thing could technically fly forever with a nuclear reactor. I mean why don’t they just fly it to Mars by this logic? I mean all nuclear-flying things being developed probably always get hidden away. I mean if NASA was going to try to make a nuclear rocket with collaboration from all nations it would require a couple of nuclear secrets getting slipped out. I mean the Sky Cruise seems pretty baller, the vision of seeing the northern lights from the sky seems pretty awesome. I mean this thing will probably never be built but it's a great concept. I mean I bet if this global warming thing pops off we all will be flying around in those things.