Nothing But Positive Vibes And A New Atmosphere: Eli Manning Confirms It's A Tough Day To Be A Giants Hater

Was this said before Clem's blog? Perhaps. But Eli knew Clem would blog about Saquon Barkley: 

But now this is about the new atmosphere and the positive vibes tour. Can't say it's shocking since we finally got rid of that fuck Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge. No more laps for the big man Clem. No more quarterback sneaks. Getting Eli, a two time Super Bowl MVP, on your side is the smartest thing Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen did so far. Next up is getting fans back but we're here. 

I said it during the Judge/Gettleman era but they brought the Giants to the lowest possible point. Apathy. Losing became the usual and every game was basically the same way. What dumbass mistake would the Giants make in a critical moment to blow a game. 

I still don't know what to make of Daniel Jones. I haven't been on the DanWagon like Clem. I wanted Kentucky Josh Allen with that pick a few years back. I also want Daniel Jones to work out because I just want a quarterback again. I can't go down the path of drafting another one and hoping it works out. That said, he needs positive vibes. He never had that. He replaced Eli. He obviously hasn't won a bunch yet which is the best way to make us happy. 

So, yeah, bad day to be a Giants hater. Saquon is full of muscle and Eli confirms it's positive vibes.