Russell Wilson's Football Pass At AS Monaco's Practice Facility Over The Weekend Will Be Remembered In The History Books Forever

The Fall of the Berlin Wall, our rover landing on Mars, the OJ chase, and Obama being elected — some of the most memorable "where were you" moments in history. We were lucky to get another one this weekend and boy was it special. 

Russell Wilson threw the first ever football, not to be confused with fútbol, pass at AS Monaco's practice facility. It left me speechless. One of the more unintentionally hilarious videos I've ever fixed my eyes on. 

I genuinely struggle at times to accept that Russell Wilson is a real life person. Whether it's the Mr. Unlimited video. 

Broncos Country let's ride...

or him thinking throwing the first ever pass at AS Monaco's practice facility was a cool moment worth documenting. Not even their actual stadium, just a random practice field. I think there's a better than 50% chance he's a robot or alien just trying his best to adapt to human life this whole time.